peluang's support. don't punish. campaign

About the campaign

PELUANG launched its first campaign from 22 June 2021 – 26 June 2021. The campaign is launched in the footsteps of “Support. Don’t Punish”, a global grassroots-centred initiative in support of harm reduction and drug policies that prioritise public health and human rights.

The campaign seeks to spread awareness about harm reduction, breaking the stigma of communities targeted by the “war on drugs” and punitive drug policies. It also aims to strengthen the mobilisation capacity of communities targeted by the “war on drugs”. In this campaign, we have collaborated with PENGASIH, the team behind “Ayahku, Dr G”, Nuffnang and SLED to bring together a week-long campaign packed with educational and fun activities.

Campaign activities

22 june 2021

In this webinar, we talked about drug use among youth in the context of schools with SLED members and Dr Abdul Kadir Shah

23 june 2021

This session talked about the devastating effects of the Malaysian war against drugs on a “no hold bars manner”. Expert from this field will talk about their expert areas, Dr. Adeeba is a World Health Organization fellow Science Council, Dato Halim is the former Director General for AADK, Azri, a youth activist & Samantha a legal activist.

23 june 2021

In this webinar, we discussed the socio-legal implications of promoting and empowering recovery from substance use disorders.

24 june 2021

SUHAKAM launched a public rountable discussing all issues on prison reform and the reintegration of formerly incarcerated individuals into the community.

24 june 2021

In this webinar, we take a deep dive into the difficulties and challenges in the early stages of recovery from substance use disorder.

25 june 2021

This exclusive film screening was followed by a discussion panel consisting of Hidayah Hisham, Fikri and Dr. Sangeeth Kaur as they explore the themes of discrimination and difficulties experienced by family members of the incarcerated population, specifically those convicted for drug-related cases.

26 june 2021

In the main event, we chatted about drugs – Is it a lifestyle, is it used as a means to enjoy and have fun or is it a condemned “wilful vice” that requires punishment? Joining this chat was Gloria Lai, the regional director of IDPC Asia, Mizz Nina and Liya Nashita.