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How to reduce Covid-19 in Malaysian prisons — Zethy Suhaidah, Sharan Raj and Khor Swee Kheng
21-year-old dies after a month in Simpang Renggam prison
LRT driver not on drugs, cops confirm
Amnesty accuses Malaysia of holding ‘unfair’ trials leading to death
Masac: Trend of children taking ‘pil kuda’ worrying
Meth Use Is on the Rise in Southeast Asia – And COVID Is To Blame
No more prison, only rehab for addicts under new law
PM: Malaysia will not legalise cannabis
Hamzah: New anti-drug law to focus more on rehab
Even unregistered PwDs will be vaccinated, says Khairy
SOPs for prisoners, detainees not followed, says group
Hundreds of foreigners overstaying in prisons, says lawyer
Parliamentary prison reform group: Locking up MCO offenders risks triggering another Covid-19 wave
Lorry driver dies in police custody
Another Malaysian Has Reportedly Died Under Police Custody In Klang
Home minister says looking to improve admission of convicts, undocumented migrants to reduce spread of Covid-19
Death in custody – cop transferred out, now under investigation
10-fold jump in Johor drug busts in first 5 months compared to entire 2020
MP SPEAKS | Deaths in custody – can they be stopped without the IPCMC?
Human rights groups call for inquests into recent police custodial deaths
LETTER | Death in custody – the questions of concern
Reduce overcrowding in prisons, detention centres, PH tells govt
COMMENT | ‘Mandatory’ death penalty still being meted out for drug offences
Prison life amid the pandemic – ‘we are treated like animals’
Nearly 42,000 parolees gainfully employed since 2008, Prisons DG cites 98% success rate
‘98% of parolees find jobs’
Rights group wants inquest into Kota Bharu death in custody
Courts cannot interfere in govt drug policy, says judge
Remand prisoner dies ‘awaiting treatment’ in hospital, wife files report
Death of 24 y/o in AADK Highlights Problems in M’sia’s Rehabilitation & Treatment of Substance Use
Delivery man get death for trafficking 299.09 gm cannabis
Edar 299.09 gram kanabis, Hafizul menangis ke tali gantung