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Drug-trafficking the reason for bulk of death row inmates – report
Malaysia: On Death Row | 101 East
AADK yakin projek rintis beri impak besar
They’re patients, not criminals
Kenyataan komitmen polisi ‘Dikriminalisasi Penagihan & Penagih Dadah’.
Gov’t considering curfew for teens below 18 to prevent drug abuse
Minister: Over 100 laws set to be amended or repealed
Undang-undang penagihan dadah perlu dikaji – Menteri kesihatan
Abolishing death penalty: Cabinet to decide next month if it goes to Parliament
Executions are down but it’s no time to celebrate
Malaysia accused of U-turn on death penalty abolition
Ketum tak dimasuk dalam Akta Dadah Berbahaya – Menteri kesihatan
Prison walls no barrier to drug trade
Prison reform in the pipeline, says Muhyiddin
#Showbiz: Farid Kamil to spend Raya in jail
Rights group demands action over Sungai Buloh custodial death blamed on TB
Jail-time a must for drug offenders, says lawyer
Fighting stigma, Nurul Izzah eyes Penang mosques for opioid treatment
Dadah NPS undang maut
Selangor, Kuala Lumpur prisons overcrowded by 3,700 inmates, says Prisons director
KL, S’gor prisons exceed capacity by 3,700 inmates
Malaysians paid over half a billion ringgit to jail drug users in 2017
Mat Sabu’s son charged with consumption of dangerous drugs
Raya joy for Death Row inmates, families
Decriminalise drug use? Drug agency chief thinks arrests necessary to ‘save’ addicts
Health minister calls for tact amid concern over backlash from drug law reform
In support of the government’s intention to decriminalise drug use — Lee Lam Thye and 23 other groups
The illusion of addiction — Matthew Jerome van Huizen
PM: Msia will be run justly, without draconian laws
Medical marijuana advocacy group launches survey for M’sians
Lepas gian di perairan Kuala Kedah: Daripada 42 nelayan diuji, 39 positif dadah
Nenek Australia lepas, bebas dari tali gantung
Malaysia urges neighbours to review execution of drug mules, says users need hospitals, not prisons
Three nabbed for growing ganja in Mount Kiara condo